Teeth Whitening

While you have many options for whitening your teeth, your dentist is your best resource for whitening treatments. Only dental professionals have access to the most powerful, professional-strength whitening and can ensure your treatment is safe and your results are outstanding. The results of teeth whitening will vary depending on the type of staining.


Why do I Need Teeth Whitening?

 Teeth whitening is one option for removal of stain and discolouration from tooth surfaces. There are several reasons that can cause your teeth to become discoloured, such as age, tooth decay, smoking, foods and beverages including coffee or tea, and tetracycline.


Types of Teeth Whitening Options

 After your oral condition has been examined by your dentist, you can discuss with your dentist which whitening procedure is best for you. There are two whitening options:

  • In-Chair Whitening In-chair whitening treatment is the most efficient whitening treatment. Higher concentrations of whitening agents or laser will be applied to your teeth. One of the benefits of in-chair whitening treatment is that all the treatment is under the supervision of your dentist. Even after a professional whitening treatment performed by a dentist, teeth may gradually become stained, according to your diet. The dentist will fabricate your custom-molded that offer full coverage of your teeth for superior whitening that can also be done after your in-chair treatment. Using whitening tray at home can prolong the whitening effect.
  • At Home Whitening– You also have the option of using professional-strength whitening products at your convenience— either during the day or night, wherever you maybe.

Sensitive Teeth after Whitening

After teeth whitening procedures, either in-chair or home regime, sensitivity may occur to some people. Fortunately, this sensation is mainly temporary and will eventually resolve after the treatment. Consult your dentist to check if lower concentration of whitening agent or lesser amount of tray wearing time is needed.