Root Canal Treatment Office in Doncaster East & Narre Warren

Root canal treatment is performed when there is infection present within the pulp of the tooth or around the root tip. If left untreated symptoms such as pain (this can be anything from a constant dull ache to severe pain or pain on biting), swelling of gum or face can occur. The aim of the treatment is to remove dying or dead tissue and bacteria from inside the tooth and help the patient regain healthy oral condition.


The common reason that gives rise to damaged or destroyed pulp:

  • Untreated cavity
  • Severe injury from external force that damage the pulp
  • Gum diseases


The complete treatment includes the following procedure:

  • Use of X-ray to locate the decayed tissue where the treatment is needed
  • Local anesthesia
  • Remove thediseased pulp tissue
  • Clean and disinfecting the pulp
  • Place a root filling to seal the space
  • Permanent crown on top of the tooth