Emergency Dentist in Narre Warren and Doncaster East

Dental emergencies are scary and have a large impact on your oral health. If you need an emergency dentist in the Narre Warren or Doncaster East area, the professionals at Glowing Smiles Dental can help, so call us today.

Dental Emergency Services We Offer

A lot of different things can happen to your teeth that may need emergency services. Some of the problems you may come across include the following.


Many things can cause a toothache, which is just pain or aches around a tooth. The causes can be anything from gum disease or decay to impacted teeth or inflammation. When you suffer from this pain, it’s good to rinse out your mouth with warm, not hot, water.

After that, you should floss to see if you have debris around the tooth. If you notice swelling, you can also apply ice to your cheek 20 minutes, rest for 20 minutes, and then repeat the process. You definitely should see an emergency dentist for relief from this pain.

A kid in need of an emergency dentist in Narre Warren and Doncaster East

Foreign Body Between Teeth

Everyone has had something stuck between their teeth before. Most of the time, you can wiggle it free with your tongue. If that doesn’t work, you should try using dental floss to loosen the object, and then rinse with warm water. However, if that doesn’t get rid of the object, don’t try picking at it. Come see one of our emergency dentists.

Tooth Loss or Fractured Tooth

A lost or fractured tooth should be attended to immediately. If possible, without touching the roots, place the lost tooth in milk or salt water so that one of our professionals can reinsert it into your mouth. Use an ice pack and painkillers until you can see our dentists.

Lost Crown or Broken Dentures

We can repair or replace lost crowns and broken dentures. Come to us if this happens to you.

Contact Information

If you’ve suffered any of the above dental emergencies, don’t panic—we can help. Contact our Narre Warren office on +61 3 9704 1979 or our Doncaster East office on +61 3 9848 7490.