Children’s Dentist Near Doncaster East

We love our children and want what’s best for them—and their dental hygiene. Our children’s dentist at Glowing Smiles Dental has a gentle hand when it comes to delivering high-quality dental care for your little one.

Children’s Oral Hygiene

Even though your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out, they still provide important functions and need to be protected and cared for. Baby teeth play important roles in:

  • Learning language
  • Ensuring permanent teeth grow correctly
  • Chewing on food

To make sure your child’s teeth are healthy and growing correctly, visit a children’s dentist. As soon as your child begins to grow teeth, regular dental check-ups and correct oral hygiene should be a priority.

Help your child learn how to establish good oral hygiene. You can assist your child with the following methods:

  • Brush their teeth
  • Use dental floss once they turn two
  • Encourage a healthy diet
  • Consider a fluoride treatment
  • Get orthodontic treatment, if needed, while your child’s jaw is still growing
  • Visit a children’s dentist for regular check-ups beginning at age 2

By following the above list of preventative oral care treatments, you will greatly reduce the number of dental-related problems your child will have later in life.

Glowing Smiles Dental’s Team

We understand that you want the best for your children and that includes a qualified children’s dentist and staff. Our team is experienced and dedicated. We aim to ensure our patients—and their parents—feel comfortable and respected at all times during their appointment.

If you are looking for a new dentist for your children, or your toddler has recently turned two, it’s time to consider finding a qualified children’s dentist. Glowing Smiles Dental has been serving the areas of Narre Warren and Doncaster East for over 40 years and has a strong and experienced dental team capable of handling all your general dentistry needs.

If you are ready to give a Glowing Smiles Dental a try, call us on 61 3 9704 1979 or fill out our online form.