Lifestyle Factors which Cause Yellow Teeth 

We all want to enjoy a gleaming white smile, but lifestyle factors, genetics and the natural ageing process can all contribute to tooth discolouration. The popularity of teeth whitening has been surging in recent years, and visiting your dentist is a great way to safely and effectively restore a brighter smile. There are a number of lifestyle factors which can damage the tooth enamel, making it easier for staining and discolouration to take hold. By moderating some of your daily habits, you can maintain a great smile for longer. If you want to enjoy long lasting results following professional teeth whitening, you should be aware that the following can all contribute to the yellowing of teeth.   

Top Causes of Stained Teeth 

1. Drinking Acidic Beverages 

Acidic drinks such as citrus juices and soft drinks can be particularly damaging to tooth enamel. Citric, phosphoric and tartaric acids wear away the tooth enamel at a rapid rate, and this can also be compounded by the effects of sugar and colourings which may be added to the drink. Once the tooth enamel has been worn down, it is much easier for bacteria and stains to take hold on the tooths surface. Try to limit consumption of acidic drinks, and drink using a straw as this will reduce enamel exposure to acids. 

2. Red Wine, Coffee and Tea 

These dark beverages can be rich with tannins, a sticky substance which can discolour teeth. It is good practice to drink a glass of water shortly after consumption, to help clear away the tannins and residues. Adding milk to hot beverages such as tea and coffee can also reduce the incidence of staining.  

3. Cigarettes 

Smoking tobacco is not only harmful to general health, it can also do a lot of damage to teeth and gums. Cigarette smoke is rich in tar and nicotine, two substances which leave dark stains on the teeth that are not easily removed. Tobacco use is also a leading cause of oral cancer.  

4. Dark Food 

People who eat a diet rich in dark coloured foods such as curry, beetroot, cherries and tomato sauce may be more susceptible to staining of the teeth. This can happen over a period of time, and is something to be mindful of if you have recently had professional teeth whitening and are used to eating these kinds of foods.  

5. Insufficient Oral Hygiene Routine 

People who fail to brush their teeth twice daily and floss once daily will display excessive amounts of dental plaque on their teeth. Plaque is bacteria rich, and stains can adhere easily to the surface. You should maintain a good oral hygiene routine in order to keep a healthy, bright smile all year round.  

The Importance of Water Consumption 

In addition to daily brushing/flossing. drinking at least 2L of water daily can help to reduce the effects of tooth discolouration. This will help to rinse away any stuck food/beverage residues which may cause staining. Tap water is also fluoridated, which provides enamel with additional resistance to acid attacks and can reduce the risk of tooth decay.  

How is Teeth Yellowing/Discolouration Treated? 

Having yellow or discoloured teeth is nothing to be ashamed about, as this is quite a common problem and one which dentists treat on a regular basis. Glowing Smiles Dental provide a range of cosmetic dental services including professional teeth whitening which can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth. It’s worth discussing your options during your next appointment, and our team will be more than happy to help you achieve a bright, white smile which you can feel proud about.  

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